Westpak is certified to conduct product/package integrity testing to help guarantee successful delivery of products worldwide by any means of transportation.

Westpak is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025-2005, one of the most rigorous standards available for a mechanical testing laboratory.

Material Analysis

Material analysis testing is an attempt to determine the basic properties of materials in terms that can be useful for designing structures, interfaces, and a variety of other things. By knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the material, designers can best utilize materials for functions and purposes where they are properly suited.

Additionally, this type of testing is one of the primary tools used to evaluate alternative materials, suppliers, percentage of recycled materials allowable, failure analysis for forensic work, and a variety of other reasons.

A few of the material tests available from Westpak:

Test Type
• tensile strength the ability to resist being stretched apart
• compression strength the ability to resist compressive loads
• puncture resistance the ability to resist high rate penetration from a sharp object
• elongation the ability to stretch, normally at constant strain level
• burst strength the ability to resist hydrostatic pressure applied uniformly over a given area
• moisture absorption the degree to which moisture is absorbed into material (Cobb)
• penetration resistance the ability to resist a slow rate penetration by a spherical probe
• stress/strain the relationship between deformation of an object and the force necessary
• creep properties the measurement of slow rate deformation under constant stress
• cushion curves vibration or impact data for various thicknesses, drop heights, and static loadings of cushion systems
• pin adhesion measures the adhesive quality of the liners and fluted medium on corrugated paperboard