Westpak is certified to conduct product/package integrity testing to help guarantee successful delivery of products worldwide by any means of transportation.

Westpak is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025-2005, one of the most rigorous standards available for a mechanical testing laboratory.

Horizontal Impact Testing

Westpak’s Horizontal Impact Test System (HITS) primarily tests products and package systems for damage resistance due to railcar coupling or “humping”. However, this versatile system also tests for sensitivities to other types of horizontal impacts including rough forklift handling and truck docking.

The HITS is capable of handling 5,000+ pound loads at impact velocities up to 10+ mph. Westpak’s test engineers can fine-tune the impact velocity and impact pulse shape to exactly the waveform necessary for almost any conceivable application. Mechanical programmers simulate railcars equipped with both standard and cushioned undercarriage draft gear.

Good News for Distribution

The improved efficiencies in logistics and distribution utilizing rail transportation enable significant cost reductions.

Professionals challenged with reducing costs often consider utilizing rail transportation for a wide variety of products such as bulk liquids and pastes in pallet boxes, appliances, furniture, bedding, bulk produce, automobile assembly components, unitized soft drink products, and others. These are a few examples of products that would not normally be considered “sensitive” to transportation damage yet have shown surprising responses in the railcar environment.

The good news is that a properly designed product and package system allows railcar transportation without product damage. Westpak can work with your team to develop a packaging solution that meets your requirements.

Unique Test Capability

Westpak is pleased to be the only 3rd party accredited test laboratory on the West Coast to offer Horizontal Impact testing.  With the HITS, Westpak can simulate all types of transportation hazards in one laboratory location saving you time and expense in the testing function.

Typical Procedures/Protocols
ASTM D4003 
ASTM D880 

HITs Video

Westpak Capabilities

Westpak continually upgrades and expands its equipment line-up. Therefore this list is a minimum of our capabilities:

(1) Programmable Horizontal Impact Test System
(2) Inclined Impact Test Systems