A Home Run at AT&T Park! Discovery Day 2016

Everyone loves a good game of baseball – the fans cheering from the crowds, the smell of popcorn, fluffs of cotton candy bobbing through the promenade, and smiles from kids and adults alike. Although AT&T Park is known as the home of the San Francisco Giants, it was home to UCSF’s Discovery Day on Saturday, November 5th!   […]

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The Importance of Vibration in Testing

Vibration Example

Vibration comes in many forms – good, bad, sinusoidal and random to name a few. Although the first two may be more subjective than the latter, Westpak gave a great introduction and application of product and packaging vibration testing. On March 10th, Westpak’s Chairman, Herb Schueneman, discussed why, when, and how we perform vibration testing […]

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