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Fasten Seatbelt Sign Remains Lit
The pressure keeps building in the aviation supply chain as the 737 Max focus shifts to Washington lawmakers. Internal and external repercussions remain significant. Speculation is that Boeing's 100-year crisis will result in top leadership adjustments before the Max is cleared to fly, and production and revenues resume.
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Gross Leak Detection vs. Dye Penetration
WESTPAK’s test professionals present a short webinar comparing Gross Leak Detection vs. Dye Penetration for evaluating medical packaging Sterile Barrier Systems (SBS). We review the related ASTM protocols, test methods, and offer defect-avoidance recommendations. Apply the information to improve your quality level.
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The Bridge Screamed but Nobody Listened
After 18 months, the NTSB ruled the collapse of a new, prefabricated, 174-foot pedestrian bridge last year resulted from a flawed design and lax oversight. Unfortunately, signs of failure went unaddressed after the structure was placed on support towers; it collapsed five days later with steel and concrete falling on people and vehicles.
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Class Time: Random Vibration and Shock Testing
WESTPAK's accredited test facility is hosting the Equipment Reliability Institute's three-day course, "Fundamentals of Random Vibration and Shock Testing," in February 2020. Instructor, Steve Brenner, a 30-year subject matter expert in reliability testing, includes a textbook and lab test demonstrations in the curriculum. Register before December 10, 2019, and receive a $200 discount.
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History-Making All-Woman Spacewalk
The eight-hour spacewalk on the ISS performed by NASA astronauts Jessica Meir and Christina Koch on October 18, 2019, was history-making as it was the world's first all-woman spacewalk. The duo performed routine maintenance on the station's power system. It was Meir's first and Koch's fourth spacewalk.
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Customer Portal Released
WESTPAK is proud to announce the release of its long-awaited Customer Portal. "We are all super excited to finally go live with this new tool," states Harmony Reynolds, General Manager at the San Diego laboratory. "It will streamline many processes and make doing business with us much easier and efficient."
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UPS Earns FAA Drone Fleet Approval
UPS earns bragging rights by becoming the first carrier to earn FAA's Part 135 certification, allowing a fleet of commercial drones, cargo over 55 pounds, and night deliveries. Next in line are Alphabet, Amazon, Google, and Uber, to name a few.
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Cold Chain Package Testing
Cold Chain packaging is employed by the pharmaceutical, medical, and food industries to maintain product temperature within a few degrees during distribution. WESTPAK uses calibrated thermocouples and environmental chambers equipped with temperature and humidity sensors to evaluate the ability of cold chain packaging to perform.
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