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Boeing 737 Max vs. Bad Data

Boeing has realized that bad data streaming into the automated flight systems contributed to crashes of both passenger-filled 737 Max jets. The control systems reacted by triggering the anti-stall systems to toggle. Unfortunately, pilots were unable to disengage the automated systems and regain control quickly enough.

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Webinar: Medical Device Package Testing

WESTPAK's latest webinar reviews ASTM D4169 and ISTA protocols as they apply to medical device package distribution testing in the lab environment. The standards, test sequences, and case studies are presented along with common failures, mitigation strategies, and test & design tips. Available on-demand or in Past Webinars.

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Fire Risk at Notre Dame Was Underestimated

When the first alarm from the Notre Dame's attic activated, the guard on duty checked but didn’t see anything amiss. That was the start of a 31-minute delay before Paris' fire department was notified. Also, fire suppression systems were lacking, and risk planners misunderstood how quickly centuries-old oak beams could ignite.

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Certified and Accredited Independent Test Lab

WESTPAK's test labs are Certified International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) Testing Laboratories for package testing plus ISO 17025 accredited to perform mechanical and vibration testing. For 30+ years, excellent customer service and integrity have enabled success. We are 100% employee-owned and growing.

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Tight Supersonic Aircraft Shockwaves

During a particular NASA flight, the shockwaves from two T-38 jets flying tight at supersonic speeds just 30 feet apart over a California desert was captured using a special high-speed camera. The goal: boom-less supersonic flight.

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August 1st Countdown for Amazon Suppliers

Amazon will automatically impose a $2 penalty per package on its vendors and sellers whose qualified products arrive for distribution in uncertified packaging beginning August 1st. Just a few weeks remain to get packages ISTA certified and avoid the fees. We can help!

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Warning: Lawnmowers!

Lawnmowers cause some of the most common and horrific home injuries imaginable. WESTPAK strongly encourages you to THINK TWICE before assigning mowing duties to anyone, especially minors, and perhaps even yourself. If there's any doubt whatsoever, let a professional do it. They need the work, and you need your fingers and foot.

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Gross Leak (Bubble) Detection Testing

Following the ASTM F2096 test standard, Gross Leak Detection is conducted by visually inspecting for bubble streams caused by a defect in the packaging / sterile barrier system while being lightly pressurized and submerged under water.

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