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COVID Vaccine Challenge: Shipping and Storing High Volumes at -80OC

One of the many challenges in the fight against the novel coronavirus will be establishing cold chains capable of reliably distributing and storing millions of vaccine-filled vials at dry-ice-level temperatures. Creating proven package, transportation, and storage systems able to maintain product temperature at -80OC for potentially millions of doses may present significant challenges at the global levelRead more

Herb’s Epic Four-Corner Journey

WESTPAK's founder and Board Chair, Herb Schueneman, departed on a long-awaited, bucket-list "Epic 4-Corner Journey" in mid-September-2020, with "Ebenezer," his aptly named 1985 Toyota Camry doing the heavy work. Thus far, Herb's had a wonderful time visiting family and friends around the country, plus at least three of the continental USA's four corners. ​​​​​ Read more

Distribution Testing for Pharmaceuticals

​​​​Drug products transported in containers ranging from glass vials to bulk drums all require package systems that protect the product from the distribution environment's many hazards. Several test methods and machines are employed to evaluate and validate, including those needed to assess the COVID-19 vaccine containment systems currently in development. Read more

October Was Employee Ownership Month​​​

Since 2014, when WESTPAK’s founder Herb Schueneman began selling the company to its employees, October has always been special. In 2017, we proudly achieved the 100%-Employee-Owned level. Today, our ~70 owners give their best to help our partner/clients succeed. Their long-term success and ours are closely tied. Read more

MPO Symposium Offers Industry Updates and Information

WESTPAK joins peer life science industry firms in sponsoring the MPO Symposium. The virtual event spans from October 20 to November 12, 2020, providing industry specialists an opportunity to present current industry-related issues such as regulation and sterilization. Read more

Accelerated Aging: Key to Establish the Expiry Date

Also known as Accelerated Shelf-Life Testing, Accelerated Aging studies help to evaluate the effects of time on sterile barrier systems. The resulting information is used to establish the expiry date until data from real-time aging studies are available. ASTM F1980-16 is the applicable test protocol; common Accelerated Aging temperatures are +50º C, +55º C, and +60º C. ​​ ​​Read more

Live, Virtual Class: Vibration & Shock Testing 

Steve Brenner, a 30-year subject matter expert at the Equipment Reliability Institute, offers his specialized course, Fundamentals of Random Vibration and Shock Testing, as a live, 3-day webinar from January 5 – 7, 2021. Students learn how tests can improve product performance, durability, and reliability. Registration discount available until December 5. Read more

A Birds-Eye View at Pandemic History

Infectious diseases have been a constant menace as humans have migrated and traveled throughout the world. The infographic shows history’s deadliest pandemics beginning with the Antonine Plague (circa 165 AD) to the currently raging COVID-19. At 200M deaths, the Bubonic Plague claimed the most during a four-year run ca 1350 AD. Read more

White Paper: ASTM D4169 Assurance Level Determination 

To what Assurance Level should your package be tested? Our paper helps answer the classic question and compares the ALs for Compression, Drop, and Vibration. Quantitative targets for each are summarized. Download here
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