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N95 Mask Decontamination Team
A consortium of researchers from top universities recently formed N95DECON to address the shortage of face masks through the decontamination and reuse of N95 masks. The group's Technical Document for Public Use of Medical Masks and Cloth Masks reviews several mask types and provides useful information.
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Product Design Verification with Vibration Testing
A core WESTPAK competency is using vibration testing for product design verification, validation, and reliability improvement. Testing is performed by trained, experienced staff per ASTM, IEC, MIL-STD, and custom protocols. Several machines, including x-axis hydraulic, plus horizontal and vertical electrodynamic, are available.
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The Virosphere Is Huge: How to Make Sense of It?
The SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for COVID-19 is one of thousands of virus species known to exist. Researchers are working to establish a taxonomy and find ways to communicate better. The Earth's virosphere, estimated at 1 nonillion (1 followed by 30 zeros) of the submicroscopic infectious agents, is enormous.
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Tumble Testing, Repetitive Free-Fall
Tumble testing and repetitive free-fall expose the product to simulated bumps and shocks comparable to rough handling in the in-use environment. For a small handheld product, such as an in vitro medical device, the testing can provide teams with test data quickly as compared to field testing.
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MDR Implementation Postponed by One Year to 2021
Another significant impact of COVID-19 is the European Council's decision to delay the implementation of the Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) by one year to 2021. The move buys time and, therefore, is welcome relief to people and companies who have spent years scrambling to meet the 26-May-2020 date.
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Protective Package System Optimization
Laboratory testing enables repeatable test inputs to determine a package system's ability to provide adequate protection. Several distribution environment conditions can be simulated in the lab with the use of Conbur (pictured), Compression, Drop, and Vibration machines to evaluate package systems.
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No Worries: 25 Days Through the Grand Canyon
In mid-February 2020, a dozen adventurers launched their boats on a long-awaited trip down the Colorado. Theirs was a COVID-free world when they departed. "What if the world changed while we're here?" had been asked – as before. Then, on 14-March, the last day, they became some of the last to discover reality when their phones synced with the networks.
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Material Analysis - Accelerated UV Weathering
Reliable and reproducible weathering data can be generated in just a few days and with excellent correlation to outdoor weathering tests with WESTPAK's Accelerated UV Weathering chamber. Coupon-size samples can be exposed to three test inputs simultaneously: UV light, humidity, and heat. It saves time and expense compared to outdoor testing.
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