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Demand is Rising for Classic 737s
The repercussions following the two earlier 737 Max crashes continue stacking up. Some predict the Max won't be approved to fly until 2020. However, a cloud silver lining is appearing: increased demand for the Max's older brothers – the earlier, classic 737s.
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Nora Elected to ISTA's Board of Directors
We are pleased to announce that Nora Crivello, WESTPAK's President & CEO, has been elected to ISTA's Global Board of Directors. Nora is uniquely qualified for the Board, combining her experience in the lab as a test engineer with her years as a manager and executive. Please join us in congratulating Nora!
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World's Largest Outdoor E-quake Simulator
UCSD, home to the world's largest outdoor shaker, is upgrading the system to enable table movement in all directions, including yaw, pitch and roll. The first structure to undergo tests after the $16.3M upgrade is slated to be a full-scale, 10-story building made from cross-laminated timber.
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Gross Leak Detection & Peel Test Failures
WESTPAK offers a short webinar on the top test failures observed during Gross Leak Detection and Peel testing of medical device packaging in the laboratory environment. Our review includes common causes and ways to avoid creating failures. Apply the information and improve your success rate.
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Medical Device Failure Reports Released
Last June, the FDA formally ended the Alternative Summary Reporting Program followed by the release of 20 years' worth of reports documenting medical device malfunctions and resulting harm. The decades-long program had allowed medical device firms to conceal millions of harmful device reports from the public.
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Product and Package Vibration Testing
WESTPAK's trusted test solutions have delivered quality since 1986. Our test teams use mechanical shock and vibration machines to evaluate the ability of products and package systems to withstand the rigors of the manufacturing, transportation, and in-use environments using ASTM, ISTA, and proprietary protocols.
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Ecosystem Analysis with Environmental DNA
Using revolutionary techniques, ocean researchers can analyze entire ecosystems "from microbes to whales" using eDNA evaluation of a single sample of water. Even the abundance of one species of fish at a specific location in a moving river can be accurately estimated. The same techniques can apply to soil samples.
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Pharmaceutical Package Validation Testing
WESTPAK's suite of test equipment available to validate pharmaceutical packaging includes walk-in size environmental chambers and mechanical shock machines. Chilly Willie, a custom, temperature-controlled, altitude simulation chamber, can be excited on a vibration table to evaluate liquid-containing vials or bottles.
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