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Boeing 777X's First Flight Is a Success
High fives to Boeing for the 777X's successful maiden flight, which is an essential step toward the jet's FAA certification. The world's largest twin-engine aircraft, designed to carry up to 425 passengers on long-haul routes, is poised to become one of Boeing's vital aircraft. The first customer deliveries are slated for 2021.
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New Website Launched
WESTPAK's rebranding included a new website; have you visited yet? We think you'll like its structure and the refreshed look. It's also much scantier than its predecessor. The Homepage links to Testing Services, Industry Solutions, Accreditations, and Resources. Access to the portal is available through the Free Quote and Schedule A Test icons.
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Australian Fires Spread Intentionally by Hawks
During Australia's annual fire season, scores of hungry birds typically wait near the fire line for prey fleeing the advancing flames. It's easy pickings for the aviators. But it gets even better. A few raptor species have learned to gather, carry, and drop smoldering items from burned areas into dry ones, thereby creating new fires and dinner opportunities.
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HealthPack 2020. Industry Sponsor - Westpak
Medical Device Testing
Testing for the medical device industry is an area of specialization at WESTPAK. Our main test areas include Accelerated Aging, Shelf Life, Environmental Conditioning, Distribution, Sterile Barrier, and Seal Strength, following the guidelines of ISO 11607. We partner with new device start-ups working on their first 510(k) and many of the top OEMs.
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Hack Attack: Amazon Jeff Bezos' iPhone
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' phone was the target of a successful hack. Apparently, a deliberate, malware-infested video was the vehicle. Given the resources available to the bad guys these days, there doesn't seem to be much any of us can do if we or our devices become targeted.
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ista Forum TransPack 2020 - Westpak
MIL-STD-810G Testing
Testing for military and aerospace clients often involves some of WESTPAK's core competencies: Shock, Vibration, or HALT/HASS testing. We start by partnering to understand our customer's wants and needs, learning about the test sample(s) and test objectives and then setting the test plan. Client-present testing is encouraged and always welcome.
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Lightweight 18-Carat Polymer Gold
Swiss researchers have created extremely lightweight 18-carat gold using a polymer matrix. The new material glistens like gold but has the material properties of plastic. It can be processed, polished, and worked into the desired shape. Hardness, melting point, and color can be adjusted to suit.
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Sample Size Calculators
Calculating the quantity of samples required for a package validation plan is not always straightforward. Here you'll find three Sample Size Calculators to do the math when circumstances involve: Comparing Means, Attributes When C=0, and Individuals. A brief example is included for each.
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HealthPack, March 10-12, Charlotte, NC
WESTPAK resumes participation in HealthPack, the medical device packaging industry's annual forum for sharing updates and technical knowledge.
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ISTA TransPack, March 16-19, Orlando, FL
WESTPAK's active involvement with the ISTA continues as a TransPack forum sponsor. ISTA's mission includes minimizing product damage in distribution.
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