ASTM D4169-23e1 Was Released March 27, 2024 – See What Changed

ASTM D4169-23e1 Was Released March 27, 2024 - See What Changed
There has been an editorial update to ASTM D4169. The latest release is ASTM D4169-23e1. What were the changes?


Version Nomenclature

First, let’s review the nomenclature. The -23e1 in ASTM D4169-23e1 represents the version of the ASTM standard. The number before the e (in this case, 23) indicates the year of the standard’s last revision, 2023. The number after the e (in this case, 1) represents the number of editorial changes made since the last technical revision.

Therefore, ASTM D4169-23e1 refers to the ASTM D4169 standard that was technically revised in 2023 and has had one editorial change.

What were the changes as compared to the -23 version?

The main editorial update removed Note 3 from Section 11.4, which allowed using a maximum 54 in (1.4 m) stack height when the vehicle height was unknown.

Now, the only factor that allows reducing the vehicle stacking height to 54 in (1.4 m) is that the package must comply with the definition of small and lightweight, which means it is less than 2 cubic feet and weighs less than 10 lbs (4.53 kg).

Are you or your products affected by the -23e1 update?

If you specify and use one of ASTM D4169’s Distribution Cycles that uses vehicle stacking, you must determine if your packages are smaller than 2.0 ft3 and weigh between 10.0 lbs (4.53 kg) and 30.0 lbs (13.61 kg). If they do, the calculated top load will be higher for future tests. Also, note that your current package may not support the calculated top load.

WESTPAK suggests using the McKee formula to calculate the theoretical top load that your package can support and compare it to the updated calculated top load from ASTM D4169-23e1.

Meanwhile, the FDA still recognizes ASTM D4169-22. This standard supports existing regulatory policies, is relevant to medical devices, and is recognized for its scientific and technical merit.

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