Westpak offers helpful calculators as tools that can be used in planning package and product tests. These tools are designed to provide quick and accurate answers to What-If type inquiries you may have as you develop alternative test plans. Each tool is based on industry-accepted professional standards (e.g. ASTM) or standard practice (e.g. McKee formula, Sample Size formulas).

Life Science, Reliability

Accelerated aging simulates the aging process for medical device packaging. Use the Arrhenius Equation to determine the optimal time in the Accelerated Aging chamber based on your product and package configuration.

Box Compression Test Strength (BCT)

Estimate the Box Compression Test strength of a Regular Slotted Container (RSC), assuming vertical corrugated flutes.

Sample Size Calculators

Sample size is a very important factor of your package validation plan.  While discussions with your appropriate colleagues should be the determining factor, these calculators may help in the discussion.

Distribution Testing

Using your package dimensions, weight, stack height (H) and the combined effect factor (F), determine the target top load for your package in an LTL shipment.