Customer Communications

24-March-2020 (Update): RESPONSE TO COVID-19 CRISIS


Dear Valued Customers,

This week, Westpak was privileged to test COVID-19 rapid testing kits, affirming our knowledge that the distribution testing we conduct plays a vital role in the supply chain for medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The collaboration we experienced with our client also reaffirmed our confidence that working together, we will rise and exit this crisis together as a healthier community. This aligns with our core value of #Stewardship: safeguarding our people and our future.

Our test facilities are operating to support the testing you need.

  • Both of our test laboratories, in San Jose and San Diego, California, are now fully operational.
  • While many staff are working from their homes, our test technicians and engineers follow CDC guidelines by performing their work using social distancing, and working split-shifts.
  • We are unable to accommodate customers in-house at either location at this time. However, we can get creative with webcams and other technologies, providing you with the opportunity to participate and observe testing remotely and safely.
  • If needed, we would be pleased to schedule on-site visits for the second week of April, pending lift of the Shelter in Place orders.
  • Plus, our Quality group can support your requests while working from their homes, so don’t hesitate with any quality-related inquiries.

We want to partner with you during this time to support your test needs, which is in alignment with our core value of #FocusForward: we are committed to the success of our team members, our customers, and our company.

Please contact us to help! If you need testing, reach us through any of the following methods:

  • Request contact through our portal
  • Email or
  • Call us:
    • San Jose 408-912-1720
    • San Diego 858-623-8100

Now more than ever, Westpak values relationships. We will all get through this crisis, working together as a community.

Thank you for your trust in Westpak,

Nora Crivello,
President & CEO