Westpak Leadership is a group of dedicated employee owners who take the responsibilities of customer service and the example of integrity with the utmost sincerity.  We are humbled to lead our great teams and excited by the daily challenges and triumphs we get to be a part of.

The Leadership team is working hard to bring an evolution to Westpak.  In the past year and with the input of our employee owners, we revised the Vision, Mission and Core Values of our company.  These serve as our compass for decision making and accountability. We have completed our ISO 17025:2017 audit and are working to bolster and improve our Quality Management System. Our Innovation and Incubation team is bringing upgrades to our testing infrastructure as well as the introduction of new services.

Our move in 2019 to a full Salesforce platform was conducted with an aim for speed of service, accessibility and transparency for you, our customers. It represents the most sophisticated operations platform of any laboratory and we are thrilled to bring it to you! For more information and to be plugged into the Customer Portal, please see here.

Nora Crivello,
Chief Executive Officer
Eddie Pavlu,
Chief Operating Officer
Brady Hayes,
Senior VP of Sales and Marketing
Van Jones,
Chief Financial Officer
Eric Lee,
Director of Human Resources
Aaron Suarez,
Senior Director of Engineering

Connie Brooks,
General Manager

Note from our Founder and Chairman, Herb Schueneman

Herb Schueneman,
Board Chair

Westpak was formed by two frustrated engineers who thought that testing services should be delivered in the same fashion that we would want to receive them. Imagine that? It was our method of applying the Golden Rule to a business enterprise. That same philosophy applies 35 years later and is an integral part of how we do business even today. I also believe that work should be an enjoyable and professionally fulfilling endeavor, not just a four-letter word. These are the keys to our success, our “secret sauce,” if you will.

Westpak still practices these same two founding principles today, and we are very happy about that. We believe our customers are some of the world’s most remarkable people and try our best to treat them that way. As a team, we work hard together, play hard together, and enjoy almost every moment of that experience.

We are thankful every day for the blessings that we have received and the professional advancements that we can achieve. As a Christian, I can find no better way to express this than a humble thank you to our clients, my esteemed, hardworking, wonderfully talented Westpak team members, and our Maker.

Proud to Serve

As we seek to continually serve you and our teams, we ask for your feedback. We aim to continually improve our services and capabilities and value your input in this process.

With grateful hearts, we thank you for the opportunity to partner with you, now and in the future.