Regulatory and patient safety demand pharmaceutical packaging that is both uncompromising, communicative and effective for the intended audience.  Our engineering services team can work with you to develop a custom protocol to meet these requirements.

It’s likely as a baseline that your package/product will require environmental conditioning, distribution testing, and perhaps accelerated aging. Additional requirements may include subjecting the package/product to tests such as label adhesion, label abrasion, torque testing, or needle insertion. Depending on the product and package, leak testing, water vapor permeability, or package performance testing may also be required. Package validation services for both production and first articles are available.

Certain pharmaceuticals require temperature control validation, tests for which Westpak is well suited to conduct. Westpak begins by collaborating with the customer to understand the product, package, purposes of testing, and precisely what is wanted and needed. When customized testing is required, Westpak’s engineering service professionals will partner with you to develop the test parameters to be met and plan to achieve it.