We Focus on Specialized Testing Services

Whether you are looking for 510(k) approval or product fragility testing, Westpak’s experienced engineers will support your testing needs every step of the way.

Our deep expertise in specific testing services ensures you're covered.

Product Reliability Testing Services

Utilize Westpak’s experienced staff and test facilities to evaluate your product’s ability to achieve its performance and quality requirements. Whether your item is in development or released, our testing capabilities combined with a data-driven approach to evaluation can provide valuable assistance.

Package Testing

Package testing has been a cornerstone for Westpak since our founding. Our test labs are accredited to perform testing per ASTM, IEC, ISTA, and MILSTD test protocols, to name a few. We can also partner with you to develop a custom test procedure, leading to a market differentiator for your product.


Utilize Westpak’s expansive range of testing capabilities and experience to assess the performance of your products and package systems as they’re created and updated to achieve Sustainability targets. In addition, Westpak’s experts can provide valuable input and stand committed to contributing to your success.

Accelerated Aging Testing

Westpak provides the medical device and pharmaceutical industries with the associated Accelerated Aging, Real Time Aging, and ICH Stability test services required by industry. Our experienced staff can evaluate your product, offering recommendations to meet established industry requirements.

Cold Chain Testing

The term Cold Chain refers to a temperature-controlled supply chain involving production, storage, distribution, and final delivery. Westpak has the technical expertise, experience, and test equipment necessary to thoroughly evaluate passive and active cold chain package systems.

Real-Time Aging for Medical Devices

Real Time Aging, conducted at ambient temperature and humidity conditions, typically requires 1 to 3 years to complete. After the exposure, test samples will get evaluated and compared to those from Accelerated Aging studies, hopefully confirming Accelerated’s results.

Customized Testing Services Lab

Westpak’s engineering team always gets excited when asked to create custom test procedures, fixtures, or equipment required to conduct specialized testing. In these situations, experience, creativity, and partnership play a significant role in solving the challenge and achieving the objective.

Material Analysis: Materials Testing Services solutions

Westpak’s material analysis includes evaluations of packaging and raw materials utilized by industries such as medical, electronics, and aerospace. By understanding the actual strengths and capabilities, designers can select materials for the functions and purposes where they are aptly suited.

ASTM & ISTA Test Standards Lab

A test standard or protocol is the basis of all testing performed. Each revision-controlled document is a primary communication tool containing test objectives, procedures, industry-standard terminology, and valuable references.

Dangerous Goods Packaging Testing

Westpak is one of the few test labs with the expertise and authority to evaluate most Dangerous Goods packages per U.S. Department of Transportation and United Nations requirements.