FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What’s needed to start testing at Westpak?

First, please contact Westpak’s Sales team by using the Contact Us page or by phoning either of our two facilities. Let us know about the problem you need help with, the “test pain” you’re having, the project you were just assigned to, the test quote you need, or the questions you have.

If it’s testing you’re interested in, Westpak’s Sales representative will gather information to prepare a budgetary estimate or formal quotation for you.
When the timing’s right, s/he will explain the steps necessary to get the business items handled (account, payment, purchase order, etc.), test specimens delivered, testing scheduled, and testing started. Be sure to ask for clarifications to make sure we’re all on the same page.

I have an emergency test request that needs to be started ASAP. Can you help me? I need to talk to someone now.

Westpak helps existing and new clients with product and package test emergencies when the need arises. Please reach out to our Sales team via our Contact Us page or by phoning either of our two facilities directly to explain your situation. We will do whatever we can to help you and hopefully resolve the situation in time.

How much does it cost to conduct testing at Westpak?

Westpak’s minimum price for testing is $680 (USD) plus the report fee.

Please submit requests for an estimate or formal quotation by contacting our Sales team using our Request A Quote page or by phoning us Toll-Free at (800) 830-8021.

Does Westpak have a price sheet?

No, Westpak does not have a price sheet for external distribution.

Will there be additional costs for an expedited test?

An expedite fee may be added if overtime or weekend hours are needed to meet your requirements. Please explain your situation to your Sales representative to make sure we understand your requirements. We will collaborate to establish a plan that meets your requirements and ensures your success.

For a small company or start-up, does Westpak accept credit cards?

Yes, Westpak gladly accepts AMEX, MasterCard, and Visa. Please contact Erica Rego in Accounts Receivable at [email protected] or 408-600-3419 with any questions.

Will Westpak start my test now and let me pay later?

Westpak understands that processing purchase orders and checks takes time which sometimes you don’t have enough of. However, Westpak will not start testing until payment or credit has been arranged. Please contact Erica Rego in Accounts Receivable at [email protected] or 408-600-3419 with any questions.

What type of testing does Westpak do?

Westpak’s testing laboratories specialize in product and package testing for multiple industries. Package testing, and particularly medical device package validation, are main focus areas. Cold chain package testingreliability, and material analysis represent additional test strengths.

What is Westpak’s lead time?

Lead time is typically 3 to 5 business days. That means we can usually start testing 3 to 5 business days after we’ve received a signed test proposal, verified all test specimens are here, and have your purchase order or payment in hand.

How long does it take to do the testing?

Test times range from a few hours (e.g. Edge Crush test), to days (e.g. Distribution Testing, months (e.g. Accelerated Aging), and years (e.g. Real Time Aging / Shelf-Life Testing).

How long does it take to receive the test report?

The test report will be emailed within five (5) business days following the completion of testing.

What types of testing does Westpak not do?

Westpak is not a chemistry lab, and we do not perform blood testing. Additionally, we do not currently have the facilities or equipment to perform EMI or ESD testing.

What about Witness Testing? Can I watch my test while it's being conducted?

Absolutely! As a client, you’re welcome to visit our test labs anytime. Please coordinate your visit with the Sales representative assigned to your test project. We love showing off our clean, world-class testing laboratories and know you’ll enjoy meeting and interacting with the test professionals handling your test.

Can I perform my own test using Westpak's test equipment?

Absolutely! Westpak can rent fully-functioning, calibrated, test equipment to you that can be used in our certified test lab or at your location. Please reach out to our Sales team via our Contact Us page or by phoning either of our two facilities directly to discuss your situation.

What tests are Westpak accredited to perform? What is Westpak capable of?

The ISO 17025 Scopes of Accreditation for each of our test laboratories list the tests that Westpak is accredited to perform. You can locate and download these from our Quality Certificates page. If you need testing that is not shown on the ISO Scope, no worries. Please communicate the test protocol(s) required to our Sales team so we can discuss capabilities, options and next steps with you.

How would you describe Westpak’s quality?

The testing conducted, and test data generated at Westpak’s testing laboratories are the highest quality available from any test laboratory. Nearly all testing conducted by Westpak is accredited to ISO 17025, one of the most rigorous standards available for any mechanical testing laboratory, by one of the toughest accreditation agencies – the A2LA (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation). Plus, each of Westpak’s locations is a ISTA Certified Testing Laboratory (International Safe Transit Association) for transit-related testing. Find additional information at our Quality page.

Are Westpak’s testing laboratories accredited? If so, which agency performs the accreditations?

Westpak’s facilities are certified by the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) to perform transit-related tests. Additionally, most of the testing performed is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) for various ASTM, ISTA, IEC and UL test protocols. Please view and download the certificates from our Quality Certificates page.

How does Westpak resolve quality-related issues?

Westpak has been serious about and committed to Quality Delivered since our founding in 1986. As required by our ISO 17025 accreditation, Westpak has a rigorous and active Quality Management System (QMS) in place. Quality-related issues are addressed as prescribed by our QMS on a case-by-case basis. Find additional information at our Quality page.

Who can I contact in Westpak’s quality group to get a Supplier Self-Assessment, or similar survey completed?

Please email any quality-related inquiries and form requests directly to [email protected] or reach out to us via our Contact Us page.

Who are Westpak’s clients? Who do you perform testing for?

Westpak has provided testing for thousands of accounts and clients. However, as per confidentiality agreements we have with each client, Westpak is unable to name any of its accounts or clients.

Where can I find testimonials from Westpak's clients?

Westpak is proud of the service we provide. Please visit our Client Testimonials page and download a copy of Westpak’s Client Testimonials.

Does Westpak offer webinars? Where can I find out about webinars?

Please check the Webinars page in our Resources section for the next webinar offered, plus many Past Webinars, all of which can be viewed and downloaded at your convenience at no cost.

Can I get a tour? Who can I contact to get a tour of Westpak’s test laboratories?

Westpak is pleased to provide tours of either of our test laboratories. Please reach out to via our Contact Us page or by phoning either of our two facilities directly so we can arrange a tour for you and your colleagues.

I think I’m interested in a career at Westpak. Where can I find job openings?

Westpak is a great place to work! Please check our Careers page for current openings.

How many people work at Westpak?

Westpak currently employs roughly 60 full-time personnel and 10 contractors.

Can I talk with someone in HR? Who can I submit my resume to?

Please submit your resume and cover letter to our Human Resources team by emailing [email protected]

I'm not quite ready to begin testing, but I do have some questions. Who can I talk to?

Please reach out to our Sales team via our Contact Us page or by phoning either of our two facilities. We will do our best to get you the information you need promptly.

What are Westpak’s hours of operation? When do you close for holidays?

Please check Westpak’s Helpful Information page for each site’s business hours and a list of holidays observed.

What information do I need to provide Westpak to get a formal quotation or estimate?

Please reach out to our Sales team via our Contact Us page or by phoning either of our two facilities and ask for either a budgetary estimate or a formal quotation.

We’ll need the following information to prepare either an estimate or formal quotation:

  • Your name, title, and contact information (phone and email)
  • Business name, street address
  • Type of testing desired
  • Test protocol(s) if known
  • Purpose of testing
  • Test specimen / test sample(s) description (quantity, approx. dimensions, weight)
  • How you found out about Westpak

It could take a day or two to get a formal quotation prepared and back to you. However, depending on the test involved, you might get an estimate in just a few minutes or hours.


What are Westpak’s payment terms?

Westpak’s terms are Net 30 for most clients. A 2% late payment fee will be assessed on all past due invoices.

Who is Westpak? What do you do?

Westpak is a 3rd-party, independent test laboratory specializing in product and package testing. We have served thousands of satisfied clients since 1986.

Why Westpak? Why should I hire Westpak to do my testing?

Since our founding, Westpak’s mission has been to provide high-quality test services, and excellent customer service while working with integrity in everything we do.

Westpak’s reputation for excellence is well known throughout the test industry. We have grown steadily over the years by word-of-mouth and customer referrals.

Also, something happens when our clients transition to new jobs and new companies: they take their list of Westpak contacts along with them; this is one of our favorite ways of growing the business.

What type of company is Westpak?

Westpak is a privately-held S Corporation, and proudly became 100% employee-owned in 2017.

We enjoy what we do for a living and are proud of our many accomplishments. When you chose Westpak for your test project, practically everyone you’ll interact with is an Owner. We care a lot about each other, our clients, safety, quality, the testing we do, the environment, and the community.

How long has Westpak been around?

Westpak was founded in 1986 by Herb Schueneman and Walt Dunning in San Jose, California. Please visit our About Us page to learn more.

What are Westpak's Core Values? What do you stand for?

Established long ago, Westpak’s Core Values document the principles we stand for and believe in. Plus, we try hard to Walk the Talk every day. Please visit our About Us page to learn more.

How many locations does Westpak have? Where are you located?

Westpak currently has two testing laboratories: one in San Jose, and the other in San Diego, California.

How big are Westpak’s facilities?

Our San Diego lab has about 25k sq ft, and the San Jose lab about 40k sq ft.

What happened to Herb Schueneman? Is he still around?

Herb finally graduated from the day job he had for 30 years to focus as Westpak’s Chairman of the Board when he named Ryan Craft Westpak’s President and CEO in 2016. Herb still maintains a working office at the San Jose site while juggling between volunteer hours for a handful of non-profits and enjoying newly-discovered adventures.

Does Westpak offer packaging design services?

Westpak is a test lab only and does not offer package design services. However, we know of some excellent package design consultants and firms. Please reach out to our Sales team and ask for their recommendations.

I have a new product that I don't want anyone else to see or know about, especially my competitors. Can Westpak help me?

Over the years Westpak has successfully handled test projects from freshly-funded start-ups to well-known Fortune 500 firms for scores of new products. Testing of a confidential nature can usually be done during daytime business hours. However, testing can also be performed after-hours or on weekends when the laboratory is empty (except for you and your assigned test engineer). Please notify your sales representative of special requirements you may have.

I have an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) that needs to be signed before I can discuss testing. What’s the best way to start?

Please send reach out to our Sales team via our Contact Us page or by phoning either of our two facilities to get someone within our Sales group you can correspond with.

How can I give Westpak feedback about my test?

At the conclusion of your test, the email that is sent containing the test report also includes a link to Westpak’s Customer Satisfaction Survey. The survey provides you with an opportunity to give feedback regarding your test, the customer service you received, the people you interacted with, the way you were treated, etc. Also, you can identify yourself on your survey response or not. Each returned survey provides critical input to our quality management system.

Westpak is proud of the service we provide. Please visit our Client Testimonials page and download a copy of Westpak’s Client Testimonials to see what clients are saying.

If I have a complaint about Westpak, who can I take my issue to for resolution?

If you ever have an issue that needs to be addressed immediately, please call either office directly via phone during normal business hours. After describing your situation to our representative, you will be connected to the appropriate individual who can help with resolution.

Another option is to use our Contact Us page to notify Westpak of whatever the problem is. We welcome any input you may have!

Does Westpak still conduct seminars?

Yes! Westpak conducts seminars on an as needed basis for our clients. Please reach out to our Sales team via our Contact Us page or by phoning either of our two facilities directly to explain your needs.

When is Westpak's next Open House?

Each of Westpak’s sites hold a Client Appreciation Open House most years. Check our Trade Shows & Events page for the announcements, and ask to be put on the invite list via our Contact Us page.

Does Westpak offer Newsletters? Where can I find and sign-up for Newsletters?

Please check the Newsletters page in our Resources section where you can find, view, download, and sign-up for Westpak’s quarterly E-Newsletter.

Does Westpak provide support for not-for-profit, or charity related organizations?

Absolutely! Check our blog page to see some of the things we’ve been involved in and groups we’ve supported. Please reach out to via our Contact Us page or by phoning either of our two facilities directly with your group’s needs.

Does Westpak make or sell test equipment?

Westpak does not sell equipment or instrumentation of any kind.

Does Westpak offer calibration services?

Westpak does not provide calibration services.