Expanded Electrodynamic Shaker Capabilities

Westpak is excited to announce the purchase and installation of a new electro-dynamic shock and vibration test system in our San Jose laboratory. The Dynamic Solutions DS-4400 system has a 3 inch (76mm) displacement and can operate in both vertical and horizontal configurations. The commissioning of this system allows Westpak to offer additional capability and faster turn-around times on projects requiring shock or vibration testing.

The system can subject small and medium sized products to sine vibration, random vibration, and classical shock. For vibration tests, the system can output frequencies up to 2,000 Hz and for shock it can produce half-sine pulses of up to 40 G’s. These test inputs are frequently utilized in the qualification of network hardware, consumer products, and capital equipment. The test system is fully compliant to the IEC 60068-2-6 (sine), 60068-2-64 (random), and 60068-2-27 (shock) test standards.

You can see the shaker at left in its horizontal configuration, the slip table can accommodate test articles with a footprint of up to 32 inches (800mm) square.

Please contact us at here if you would like any additional information or would like a shock or vibration test run on this system.