Four New Environmental Chambers Are Ready. Start Testing Now!

Four New Environmental Chambers Are Ready. Start Testing Now!

WESTPAK’S four new, cutting-edge environmental chambers, Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Rooster, have completed the installation and qualification process, adding to our fleet of over 100 similar capital assets.

The added capacity helps us keep lead times short and start test projects quickly.

Key Features of WESTPAK’s Chambers:

  1. Precise Control: Our chambers maintain the right temperature and humidity conditions as required, ensuring a correctly executed test every time.
  2. Data Accuracy: WESTPAK’s ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation ensures we consistently generate accurate test data.
  3. Remote Monitoring: Real-time data logging and remote monitoring allow you to stay informed throughout the duration of your test.
  4. Reliability: Backed by WESTPAK’s industry-recognized reputation for integrity, these chambers were designed for the most demanding test scenarios.


Whether you’re conducting product evaluations, material compatibility studies, or accelerated aging, these new chambers are available and ready to serve.

Please contact our Sales team for more information on any of our chambers, get a cost estimate, or ask about lead time and how quickly we can start your next test.