Happy 35th, WESTPAK!

Happy 35th, WESTPAK!

This milestone gives us a chance to thank all who have been part of this historic journey.  It represents 35 years of testing innovative products, new package and sterile barrier systems, and the test industry’s evolution.

We celebrate all that has come through our doors, ranging from computer hard drives (80s & 90s) to the latest data storage racks and innovative life-saving products from medical device OEMs. More importantly, this celebration represents the people: our customers and our employees past and present.

It all started with our Founder and Chairman, Herb Schueneman.  We celebrate his vision, determination, and sacrifice to launch WESTPAK in 1986 in a small office/lab with just a handful of dedicated people, solid core values, and commitment to consistently deliver Excellence In Testing with outstanding customer service.

WESTPAK has continued to grow steadily. We’ve added a test facility in San Diego, CA, and expanded the San Jose location. Today, WESTPAK is proud to be 100% Employee-Owned.

We also celebrate you, our customers, and the opportunity to have served you.

We look forward to the future – Happy Birthday Everyone!