Herb Schueneman – WESTPAK’s Packaging Master and SJSU

Herb Schueneman – WESTPAK’s Packaging Master and SJSU

Herb Schueneman is WESTPAK’s founder and Board Chair. He is recognized as a leading pioneer in package testing; his insights are highly valued within the industry.

Herb conveys his love of teaching in this video, recalling his active involvement and critical roles in the San Jose State University’s (SJSU) Packaging program from 1985 to 2014 while founding and leading WESTPAK.

Herb discusses how SJSU solicited him in the 1980s to teach Packaging Systems, which led to a Packaging Dynamics course in 1985. Both were perfect forums for Herb to share his knowledge and experience.

He speaks respectfully about Dr. Jorge Marcondes, who became SJSU’s Packaging Program Coordinator in the 1990s and grew the program from a dozen to over 70 students. Herb also talks about his five years as part-time Coordinator of the Packaging Program, concurrent to guiding WESTPAK, after Dr. Marcondes departed from SJSU in 2001. Herb recalls the difficulties and time required to run a growing company and the packaging program simultaneously.

Also mentioned is the program’s transition in 2007 from Herb to Fritz Yambrach, Coordinator, who served as the department’s lead until retiring in 2019.

Herb shares his critical approach during student presentations and how it helps them grow.

Finally, Herb provides an update on Edmund Tang, WESTPAK’s Lab Manager, for his leadership role in SJSU’s Packaging program. After 11 years as an instructor teaching about packaging and testing, Edmund was named Director of Packaging in 2020, a role he continues today.

We are grateful to Herb for countless sacrifices and contributions to developing and nurturing students, SJSU’s Packaging program, WESTPAK’s employees, the company, and the industry he helped build over the last 40 years.

Also, we give special thanks to Dale Root at Iteration Films for this video.