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Burst Testing – ASTM F2054

The Burst Test internally pressurizes a package until the package seal around the perimeter “bursts” open in response to pressurization. By placing the package within restraining plates during pressurization, the dimensional stability of the package is maintained in a manner that results in stresses applied more uniformly along the perimeter of the package seals.

This allows the test to have a higher probability of detecting the weakest area of the seal and provide a measurement of the pressure required to “burst” open the package.

Burst testing is often used in the medical device industry to gauge and quantify the strength of the Medical Device Package Sterile Barrier System (SBS). It is also used for other sealed flexible packages across many different industries.

This test is useful for measuring the ability of a Sterile Barrier System to withstand rapid internal pressurization by yielding an ultimate failure pressure throughout the process. The burst strength peak value recorded is useful in determining if challenges or aging time have reduced package strength.

Typical Procedures/Protocols

ASTM F2054
ASTM F1140
ISO 11607