Mark Escobedo Rides to Support AIDS/LifeCycle

Mark Escobedo Rides to Support AIDS/LifeCycle

Mark Escobedo, WESTPAK’s newly appointed Principal Engineer, joined the AIDS/LifeCycle fundraiser as a rider for the first time. Though a long-time cyclist, the seven-day ride is the most consecutive days Mark’s ever ridden.

“We all know someone within our community who is living with or has died from this illness. I will ride to support the life-saving services offered by San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the Los Angeles LGBT Center in the fight to end HIV/AIDS,” said Mark.

As of today, he and 2,000+ others have completed Day 4, beyond the midpoint of the 545-mile route between San Francisco and Los Angeles, California.

Mark’s efforts have raised at least $3,400, contributing to the $17.7 million raised in 2022. There’s still time to donate!

Congratulations Mark! Thanks to all involved in this effort.

Read more about AIDS/LifeCycle and sign up for the 2023 ride here.