Partnered with SJSU’s Packaging Program

Partnered with SJSU’s Packaging Program

We congratulate our Lab Manager, Edmund Tang, as he takes on a tenure-track position as the Program Director for San Jose State University’s Packaging Program.

WESTPAK has enjoyed a decades-long partnership there. Dating back to the mid-1980s, WESTPAK founder Herb Schueneman served as an adjunct professor and lecturer for Packaging. From 2001 to 2007, he was the Program Director. Always looking forward, Herb kept everything focused during the leadership transitions of Dr. Jorge Marcondes and Dr. Fritz Yambrach.

It was no surprise to see Edmund, one of Herb’s students and a fellow WESTPAKian, follow in his footsteps and show passion for the program. By 2010, and after several years of lab testing, Edmund began lecturing and passing on what he had learned to students.

Edmund’s goal has always been to continue the legacy of producing a steady supply of highly educated packaging engineers. “We are here to educate and encourage, to give the next generation the blessing of knowledge and experience,” said Edmund. He has big plans for the program, including a strengthened partnership with local industry through reemergence with a San José State University Packaging Advisory Board.

Edmund continues Herb’s tradition of bringing students from SJSU’s packaging classes to WESTPAK for presentations. In the spring of 2022, student teams from Edmund’s Packaging Dynamics 158 presented their Final Projects to the audience of subject matter experts representing several Fortune 500 companies, who asked questions and offered appreciation and valuable feedback.

Edmund continues as a part-time WESTPAK employee supporting efforts to train best-in-class engineers to help our customers’ varied and complex testing needs. He represents the next generation of packaging engineering professors creating a solid partnership with industry. We couldn’t be more honored to support his work.