Silver Lining Discovered During the Crisis

Silver Lining Discovered During the Crisis
Westpak’s employee owners have discovered priceless treasures they’re grateful for during the pandemic.

During these uncertain times, we all find ourselves in a state of liminality, the disorienting and ambiguous bridge between two significant phases of change. While we all share in fear of the unknown and transition to new norms, there is always a silver lining awaiting discovery.

Silver linings, or moments of gratitude in the storm, serve many purposes. They center us, help us to find our mission and strength, and bring our community closer together, knowing our joined power can sustain us through the uncertainty ahead.

As we continue our journey through the liminal zone, we are continuously grateful to our customers and partners.

We look forward to supporting your journey to new norms and into our shared future. Thank you, WESTPAK’s customers, for being our silver lining.

Below are a few of the silver linings our employee owners have found during the last two months.

-Nora Crivello, President & CEO

Nora Crivello

Always knew we had a strong team and culture – this has allowed for the teamwork to really shine bright and illuminate those who are true owners! – Harmony Reynolds, General Manager

I have a greater appreciation for simple things like getting outside and taking the dog on walks through the neighborhood, and how uplifting that can be. – Michael Thomas, Test Engineer III

This crisis has forced us to rethink how we previously have been doing business and push us to understand where and how we will change for the better with a clearer vision and staying focused on our core values. – John Baumwoll, Production Manager

Working with clients who are creating solutions and application for COVID-19 has also reminded about the essential role our services offer. Although what we do can seem repetitive at times, we are providing services to clients who are changing the world. – Andrew Thomas, Lab Manager