ASTM D1894: Coefficient of Friction Test

To determine the starting and sliding coefficients of friction for plastic film and sheeting, Westpak conducts the Coefficient of Friction (CoF) test per the ASTM D1894 test standard. The protocol allows five basic ways in which the test apparatus may be assembled. Westpak’s test setup incorporates a precision test sled apparatus, a Shimadzu load frame, and a very accurate load cell to generate test data.

Prior to testing, samples are prepared, mounted to fixture’s base and sled, and then conditioned as per ASTM D1894. The load frame is then employed to draw the sled across the bed at a pre-determined speed. Data used to determine the static (starting) and kinetic (sliding) coefficients of friction for the test specimen are obtained.

Westpak’s test equipment and methodology produces accurate and highly repeatable test results consistent with the requirements of ASTM D1894. Custom and/or proprietary client test requirements can be accommodated as well.

Typical Procedures/Protocols

ASTM D1894

WESTPAK Capabilities

(1) Coefficient of Friction (CoF) Test Fixture