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Drop Testing

Just as the name implies, drop impact testing evaluates the ability of a package to protect the product against collisions that occur in the distribution environment. Whether the package is dropped, knocked or simply banged around, the drop impacts can cause product damage. To conduct a drop impact test, the package is allowed to free-fall onto corners, edges, and flat surfaces. Many test procedures conduct all of the impacts from the same drop height regardless of orientation.

Impact testing isn’t limited to just packages; often, the products themselves need to survive the in-use environment, which can be more severe than the distribution environment. Think about how many times you drop electronic items such as cell phones, remote controls, radios, handheld meters, etc. Every incident can adversely affect the product’s life.

Typical Procedures/Protocols

ASTM D4003
ASTM D5265
ASTM D5276
ASTM D5487
IEC 60068-2-31
ISO 2248


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WESTPAK Capabilities

(8) – Package/Parcel Drop Testers
(1) – Product Drop Tester
(1) – Free Fall / Tumble Test machine