Incline Impact Test

One of the most utilized pieces of shock test equipment in package testing is the Incline Impact or Conbur tester. The specialized machine evaluates the ability of the packaging system to withstand sudden horizontal impacts or crushing forces. Real world examples include a packaged product sitting in the back of a truck abruptly coming to a quick stop, or a forklift driver picking up a palletized load on-the-fly.

Utilizing a tilted test carriage, the machine uses gravity to propel the test sample to a pre-determined speed before impacting a massive, flat, steel wall. For package testing, the test sample could be Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) or a Unitized Load. Although the test is relatively simple, the results of testing are valuable, especially for high-value and/or heavy products. The number of orientations and axes is prescribed by the test protocol.

Clients who need to know the impact observed by a product’s internal devices, components or sub-assemblies choose monitored testing as an option. Accelerometers are mounted, shock data are gathered during the impacts and included in the test report.


ASTM D4169