Tumble Testing

The Tumble Tester, also known as a Repeated Free Fall Tester, is used to evaluate components and small items’ ability to resist breakage resulting from knocks, jolts, and random drops encountered during use or servicing.

The testing is simple, effective, and easy to understand:

  • The item to be tested is placed inside one of the fall chambers.
  • The desired number of falls is programmed, and the machine is set in motion.
  • The machine’s rotation speed is adjusted, so the test sample lands near the middle of the chamber’s fall landing area.
  • The machine will drop the test sample onto the chamber’s landing area at random orientations (free-fall) for the desired number of cycles.

WESTPAK’s machine provides 1,000-mm falls at a rate between 5 to 15 falls per minute for each of its five chambers.

Typical Procedures/Protocols

IEC 60068-2-31, Procedure 2

WESTPAK Capabilities

(1) Heina Tumble Testing machine with five (5) 1,000mm Tumble chambers