WESTPAK, Inc. Joins West Coast Device Alliance as Founding Member During Commemorative Ceremony at IME West

WESTPAK, Inc. Joins West Coast Device Alliance as Founding Member During Commemorative Ceremony at IME West

ANAHEIM, CA | February 8, 2024 — WESTPAK, Inc. is excited to join the newly formed West Coast Device Alliance (WCDA), a strategic partnership comprised of some of the leading California-based medical device technology solution providers.

This union seeks to offer medical device manufacturers a comprehensive solution to bring their devices to market thanks to the critical assistance provided by these founding organizations.

During IME West held in Anaheim, Calif., in early February, the nation’s largest advanced design and smart manufacturing event, senior leaders from each organization took part in a commemorative signing ceremony to solidify this recently established accord.

Nora Crivello, WESTPAK’s President and CEO, explains, “By coming together in this strategic alliance, we mark the beginning of a new chapter, one where together we can accelerate progress, drive change, and most importantly, support our customers’ speed to market. Our companies share a similar mindset, values, and customer base, so this alliance was a no-brainer. I’m really excited for our shared future.”

The West Coast Device Alliance will bring more than 80 years of experience across the entire medical product lifecycle thanks to the expertise of each of these participating members. WESTPAK is partnering with the following organizations: Eagle Medical, Inc., Pacific BioLabs, Steri-Tek, and Blue Line Sterilization Services.

Each founding organization of the WCDA was selected to contribute its expertise and resources to the greater medical device manufacturing industry in a variety of ways:

● Eagle Medical, Inc.: Specializes in FDA-compliant assembly, packaging, and in-house hydrogen peroxide gas plasma-specific sterilization
● Pacific BioLabs: Specializes in microbiology, services for living organisms in vivo, and analytical chemistry and cell-based bioassay culture samples in vitro for medical device and pharmaceutical industries
● Steri-Tek: Specializes in high-volume E-beam and X-ray contract sterilizing and serves as an R&D innovation center
● Blue Line Sterilization Services: Specializes in ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization services
● WESTPAK, Inc.: Specializes in product and package testing for the medical device, pharmaceutical, computer/electronics, consumer goods, food & beverages, and other industries

About WESTPAK, Inc.

WESTPAK strives to be our partners’ ultimate product and package testing success provider. Our state-of-the-art test equipment and dedicated team of experts utilize Good Laboratory Practices that enable us to uphold our commitment to deliver the most accurate, reliable test data and reports available while meeting our partners’ cost and time requirements.

Accreditation is the highest level of competence a laboratory can exemplify, which is why we are proud to be recognized as an ISTA-certified and ISO 17025-accredited laboratory. WESTPAK is always current on the latest regulatory updates. Key team members currently serve on ASTM & ISTA committees and actively participate in shaping many facets of the industry.

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