Who is Westpak? A Chat With Michaela Cudney

Who is Westpak? A Chat With Michaela Cudney

What do you do at Westpak, and how long have you worked here?

I started out of college as a Test Engineer, and am currently a Lead Proposal Writer in Engineering Services at Westpak’s San Diego Lab. I’ve been with Westpak for almost 8 years now.

What’s your favorite thing about Westpak?

It’s fun to work here! Everyone has a positive attitude and wants to do well for the clients, themselves, and the company. Every day is a new adventure, and we make a difference helping interesting products get to market, which helps better and save peoples’ lives!

Tell us something that happened while working at Westpak that you haven’t forgotten.  

I remember a situation a few years ago on the day before Thanksgiving, where we were working with a client who had a personal investment in the product we were testing. He had become stressed that the testing was taking longer than he had anticipated. It was crunch time for him and our team was feeling rushed to meet his expectations. I learned much in the art of client communication and time management that day. From this unforgettable interaction, I recognized that although every test and client is different, the take-away is ultimately the same: by giving people the data in a timely manner, they can make critical business decisions and feel like they are a part of the overall process.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you? 

I hate ketchup. Also, someday I’d like to have a herd, or more correctly named, a Clowder of cats.


Thank you Michaela for all you do for Westpak! Check back later for another Q&A with another of our amazing team members.