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HALT / HASS Testing

A HALT / HASS test chamber is a specialized environmental chamber that has the ability to combine temperature and random vibration inputs simultaneously.

Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) is a specialized reliability test during which the product is exposed to environmental stresses to the point of failure. WESTPAK’s HALT chamber can expose a test sample to extreme temperature changes during random vibration sequencing. HALT testing is performed while the product is operating. It is used to increase the robustness of a product and overall life expectancy and can be a precursor to HASS testing.

Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) is used as a quality assurance test to verify that no manufacturing process changes have occurred that would compromise product quality. HASS testing at WESTPAK uses the same environmental test chamber and extremes as HALT. One of the benefits is that failures show themselves faster than they would in burn-in testing.


Increase product robustness and overall life
Detect product failures before they reach the customer and/or field



  • Highly Accelerated Life Test
  • Increase product robustness and overall life
  • Unit is taken to destruction limit
  • Precursor for HASS testing
  • Typically done in the product development stage when changes to the design can more easily occur


  • Highly Accelerated Stress Screen
  • Used to find changes in the product’s development, manufacturing, materials, or design that could possibly result in unexpectedly high failure rates


  • Up to ±60°C / minute transition rates
  • Six degrees of freedom
  • Vibration levels up to 50 Grms
  • Upper temperature extremes of +200°C
  • Lower temperature extremes of –100°C
  • Multiple ports for external device monitoring
  • Vibration platen dimensions of 20”x20”


  • Fast results. Stress levels that would take months to simulate can be achieved in hours
  • An overall more robust product which results in fewer returns
  • Fewer problems in the field and upset customers
  • With use of HASS you can make sure that there are no effects to the overall product robustness due to:
    • Manufacture changes
    • Component changes
    • Material changes
    • Design modifications
  • A quick and cost effective way of developing a key step of your reliability program during the early stages of the product development process

WESTPAK Capabilities

(1) CHART REAL-20 HALT / HASS Test Chamber