Temperature Testing / Humidity Testing

Temperature Extreme testing enables you to ensure the quality and reliability of a product under very stressful temperature conditions. Depending on the end-user or distribution environment, a product will see a variety of temperature extremes during its lifetime. This test verifies the ability of products and packages to withstand the rigors of harsh environments with extremely high or low temperatures and large swift variations in temperature.

High or low humidity can cause premature damage to hydroscopic products and package systems. Low humidity levels dry out bonded or glued components while high humidity may cause corrosion, gasket failure, mold, discoloration, etc. Typical humidity levels for non-operating test procedure extremes are 10 to 95% RH, while operating test procedure extremes may be 20 to 80% RH.

Typical Procedures/Protocols

ASTM D3103
IEC 60068

WESTPAK Capabilities

(70) Temperature & Humidity Chambers
(14) Stability Chambers (constant temperature and humidity levels)
(1) Thermal Shock Chamber
(3) Temperature / Altitude Chambers
(3) Temperature Extreme Chambers
(4) Freezers