Springing into 2018! San Jose Lab Hosts Student Tours

Springing into 2018! San Jose Lab Hosts Student Tours


Westpak wants to share what we do with the world. Westpak values education and continuous learning – we share that with our customers, our employees, Engineering aficionados and students from diverse backgrounds. In March, we were fortunate to host students from Silicon Valley Education Foundation at our San Jose laboratory. These lab tours were fun for everyone involved – Westpak Engineers were able to demonstrate how we help our customers every day with their projects and also have the students do some testing as well!

During the lab tours, students were introduced to all of the equipment we use from environmental chambers to vibration tables, providing examples about why customers use these machines and what information they are looking for. We shake, rattle and roll packaging and products throughout the day! Students were able to better understand real world examples of testing and how this is relevant in their lives.

Students were then able to complete a Design & Build activity for an Egg Drop. The students’ aim was to create packaging to protect the egg that weighed the least and stayed in tact from a 15 foot drop on our scissor lift. Quite a few of the students’ eggs were whole upon opening the packaging while others students’ eggs resembled Humpty Dumpty.

Westpak is always grateful for interest in STEM education and supporting local organizations in this capacity. We were grateful to complement the wonderful work that teachers and educators at SVEF are doing in the classroom with a tour of Science & Engineering in action! Silicon Valley Education Foundation provides accelerated math intervention and college readiness programs, preparing students and inspiring them to find passion through STEM. SVEF has reached over 5,000 students in 44 districts across 10 counties in the Bay Area and in Oregon. We’re glad to have had the opportunity to play a part in their education and curriculum!

Westpak wants to inspire the next generation of Engineers. They are plenty of ways to get involved with SVEF as well as other organizations in your area. We look forward to continued involvement in our community and seeing where these students go!