CSUSM Senior Experience

Here at Westpak, one of our core values is to pursue growth, learning and understanding. In the spirit of continuous learning, we sponsored an experiential education program with CSUSM. The College of Business Administration at Cal State San Marcos gives students the opportunity to apply some of their academic knowledge through the Senior Experience program – teams of students are matched with sponsored projects from local businesses and organizations. These projects are identified by the business, and seniors are then tasked to make recommendations or present solutions to improve practices.

Student teams are mentored by a faculty member and work through the semester directly with the business’s representatives. Teams supply the businesses with weekly updates, set clear objectives and expectations as well as desired outcomes. At the end of the semester, CSUSM teams present their findings to the business with a final report and participate in a business reception.

Westpak is honored to be able to sponsor the program and the CSUSM senior team that worked on our project. We applaud the Board Members and Jim Tenuto with Renaissance Executive Forum for promoting the Senior Experience adamantly within our community.CSUSM Team