Cool Breezes at San Diego Westpak’s Open House Luau

Cool Breezes at San Diego Westpak's Open House Luau

On the last day of summer, Westpak’s San Diego lab opened up its doors to the cool breezes for a Luau-themed Open House! The entire lab was decorated in the magic of the islands with calm vibrations and ukulele riffs wafting through the air. To honor and appreciate our clients, the staff took the day to celebrate why we are who we are and why we do what we do: to support and help grow our clients, team members, and community.

Westpak’s Open House was a successful event due to the great clients and staff members we have. The Engineers brainstormed several great demonstrations for our clients to view: we simulated reliability testing of coolers in our environmental chambers, altitude and pressure testing by flying drones in our chambers, package and cushion performance with an egg drop, and materials testing with testing the force required to pull a cork out of a wine bottle! The Open House brought by our clients, neighbors, friends, and family, and we were happy to entertain them and learn about the great projects that they are working on.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Committee opened up KIVA Loans to give out micro-loans to people and groups in need of financial support to start their own business or buy supplies. We were happy to have our clients participate in some of our community service efforts and promote the good work that KIVA is doing around the globe.


It was great to host the event and spend time getting to know more about those in our community, celebrating each other and the work we do. With the new faces on our staff and in our community, we are grateful for the opportunity we have to serve those around us and help them grow in any way that we can. We look forward to hosting and participating in more events that bring us all together. Mahalo to all!