HALT Testing at Westpak, Inc.

HALT Testing at Westpak, Inc.

Westpak’s San Diego laboratory has recently added HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) to its Reliability testing capabilities.

 halt_chamber_1  halt_chamber_2  HALT profile

HALT is a way to uncover problems associated with product design, materials, and production processes in the minimum amount of time. Utilizing the HALT chamber will identify which component will fail first. The objective is to locate and resolve weaknesses as early in the design and production cycle as possible.

There are no defined pass/fail criteria for HALT; it is a discovery process. When you are able and ready to change the design, materials, and/or manufacturing processes for your product, utilizing this test could be highly beneficial for you.

HALT stresses are typically hot and cold temperatures, Temperature Cycling, Random Vibration, and Combined Environment.  The product under test must be operating during HALT and should be monitored continuously – remotely when necessary – for failures or anomalies during operation.

If you have a product that would benefit from HALT, please contact us so that we can provide you with additional information regarding this unique capability.