“I’m An Engineer!”

"I'm An Engineer!"

Next Generation's Engineers

There’s something about being at a baseball game that excites you to your very core – the crack of the bat, the smell of popcorn, and the camaraderie of fellow fans cheering for the home team. This past weekend, roars, laughter and shouts emanated from the PETCO Park stadium in downtown San Diego. Any passerby might have thought that the Padres had started their season early, but those cries were sparked by kids enjoying themselves with Science & Engineering!


Drop Engineering

BIOCOM is hosting its seventh annual San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering, kicking it off with EXPO Day that was free and open to the public. Engineers, Scientists, Mathematicians and Technologists shared their knowledge and skills with families. On this bright sunny Saturday, our Westpak crew headed down to PETCO Park to share some of the awesome engineering that we do every day.


Burst Engineering

A continuous flow of families entered the booth to learn about burst testing and seal strength, vibration, shock and drop testing. We were excited to share our expertise with kids of all ages, inspiring the new generation of scientists and engineers. Wearing buttons that said, “I’m an Engineer!” the kids hit us with some of their hardest questions. We also challenged them to think about all of the things that vibrate (everything does!), products that we buy with seals, and why we use cushioning to protect our products to ship (and in our helmets to protect our heads).


We are proud to be involved in the continued promotion of science and engineering in San Diego. The week-long festival has events throughout San Diego County, bringing STEM into different communities. Events range from tours at local STEM-focused corporations,  star explorations at the Science Center, as well as the science behind beer for the 21+ series. Science and engineering are around us every day and we’re never too old to learn something new, so we encourage San Diegans to check out the festival’s calendar for something in their neighborhood!

Vibe Science

I'm An Engineer! Westpak Team