Bike Build at Westpak Company Picnic

Everyone remembers their first experience riding a bike – the thrill of the hills, the acceleration and the wind in your face as you go faster and faster. Not only is a bike meant for fun and recreation, but for some, transportation. It is even celebrated for a green form of transportation at times!

Westpak partnered with Sacred Heart for a bike build activity at our company picnic this August to provide bikes for the organization’s annual Toy Drive. Our staff broke into groups, equipped with handy tools from our laboratory, to build fourteen bikes. These bikes ranged in sizes from small kids’ bicycles all the way up to adult-sized two-wheelers! For some of us, it was our first time putting together a bicycle. For others, the pieces came together quickly with the right tools in hand. We built the bikes with teamwork and dedication – some of us even went to for a spin to test our work!


We are proud to again partner with Sacred Heart and to provide a healthy, effective mode of transportation for kids throughout the San Jose community. The Sacred Heart Community Center provides a plethora of services to the county and its community members. There are also plenty of ways to get involved in donating time and resources throughout the year. We are grateful and inspired by the work that Sacred Heart does for our neighbors and communities.




Please be sure to check out Sacred Heart’s website and Events calendar for ways to get involved in the San Jose community and support the organization’s efforts. Whether it is a few hours, a donation of clothes or food, or sponsoring an event, Sacred Heart and the community members welcomes all support. We look forward to the bike distribution at the Toy Drive and can’t wait to see kids peddling around neighborhoods for fun and on their way to school!