San Diego Open House 2015 Great Success!

San Diego Open House 2015 Great Success!

Tables came up, the building was swept, the windows shone, clear and sparkling. The buzz of excitement bounced through the hallways and through our open doors. As clients, friends, and family began to fill our office with laughter and pleasant conversation, our Open House began with a bang, slam and crush, of course.


What better to do in Westpak’s Testing Facility than partake in some experiments? Some of our activities included a Design and Build egg drop, a Scavenger Hunt, Guess & Compress, and Water bottle Thermos testing. It was great to get Open House goers engaged in our activities.


Happy to have Project Left Behind in our office again, their booth was filled with stories, donation information and packages of peanut butter. Yes, you heard right! Peanut butter is just one of the ways that this non-profit is able to fund education scholarships on a global scale. These scholarships include dorms, school supplies, and furnishings for over 50 students in orphanages. These orphanages are based in Guatemala, Haiti, Kenya, Nepal, Panama and Peru, and 100% of the proceeds go directly to them. We’re proud to be a supporter of Project Left Behind and are thankful they were able to attend our Open House! Please be sure to check out their Project Left Behind’s website for more information on what they do.


With confidence and eagerness, Xcite Steps revealed their mission and values with our Open House friends. With goals to help their clients develop important life skills, Xcite Steps has been able to help them grow professionally and personally. We’re glad to have our interns as a part of our team at Westpak and we look forward to continuing our work with them!


Kiva Loans returned, back with more oomph than ever. A non-profit organization founded in 2005, our partnership has created some great impact around the world. This year alone, Westpak and our Open House goers were able to contribute $325 to 13 different microloans around the world. has an incredible 99% repayment rate and over a million users contributing to loans, donations start at as low as $25. We’re happy to have this incredible opportunity to assist Kiva in alleviating poverty across the globe. Here are some of the great projects to which we’ve been able to contribute.