Westpak Teams Volunteer to Feed Communities

One of Westpak’s founding principles is leaving places better than they were found. Westpak teams at both our San Jose and San Diego locations dedicated time to volunteer at local food banks in our respective communities.

In San Jose, the team joined Second Harvest Food Bank to glean produce that is distributed throughout the San Jose community. With the manpower that Westpak volunteered, the team was able to sort approximately 15,000 lbs of food! Second Harvest has taken great strides to provide food to community members by partnering with hundreds of non-profits and sites across San Jose and San Mateo counties. There are many ways to support Second Harvest and every donated volunteer hour, dollar, and food item makes a difference. We were so glad to be able to support the valiant efforts of this organization.



In San Diego, the team partnered again with Feeding San Diego to prepare healthy backpack meals as well as gleanproduce that is distributed to schools throughout the county. During our time at the warehouse, the team was able to pack 150 backpack meals and 4,800 lbs of carrots, onions and pears! Feeding San Diego is making a difference in San Diego county by distributing food through partner organizations and schools, focusing on health and nutrition in all of the foods donated and given out. There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer time, food items and money to the Feeding San Diego, with no shortage of need for support! Westpak continues to focus on how we can support not only our communities, but our neighbors and friends through what we do.

Please check out the websites provided for more ways that you can sup port these two organizations and communities or simply to find out more information about the positive impact they’re making.