Tres Wood Tapped as a Judge for AmeriStar 2016!

Tres Wood Tapped as a Judge for AmeriStar 2016!


We’re delighted that our own Tres Wood was selected as one of the judges for these prestigious awards, given annually to the most innovative new packaging designs.

Tres was sworn to secrecy until the results were officially released, however now the winners have finally been announced!

Each of the winners were given a spotlight video in their leading category. Some of the awards include “Best of Show” as well as “Sustainable Packaging” and “Design Excellence.” The packaging solutions are innovative and take a lot into consideration such as where it will be used, who will use it, and the impact that it will have. To find out more about the winning designs from AmeriStar 2016, be sure to check out their web series announcement in the link above!

With over 20 years in the packaging industry, working first with retail and bulk food packaging, Tres holds lifetime Professional certification with IoPP and is a past IoPP Chapter President who helped edit the new edition of the seminal IoPP Fundamentals of Packaging Technology textbook.