Fighting Hunger: WESTPAK teams up with Feeding America

Tis the season of giving back and we here at Westpak decided to take some time to think of those in need. Our San Diego offices partnered up with Feeding America San Diego for our 2nd initiative to end hunger. This time, our crew worked together in the FASD warehouse to pack up produce including potatoes, apples, and carrots. In our two hours of volunteering, Westpak filled up over 3,015 pounds of produce to be distributed to school pantries all over San Diego County! We had a great time working in the warehouse and donating our time to such a great cause.


Each school pantry requested a different quota of food depending on the school’s student body size. We stacked up black totes in the warehouse on pallets, filling each with 35 pounds of food. With the help of the Feeding America staff, we were able to discern between what was good to donate and what needed to be tossed. Although a portion of the produce could not be distributed to those in need, Feeding America San Diego composts all of its excess food so that none of it becomes extra waste and goes into landfills.


Feeding America is a great organization that works all over the United States. With 1 in 7 Americans suffering from hunger nationally, Feeding America has plenty of ways to get involved. This can be through donating food, time, or money. With chapters all over the country and their effective distribution network, we’re proud to support their work and mission. Visit Feeding America’s national website to find the chapter nearest you. There are options to volunteer your time, donate perishable and non-perishable foods, as well as give back through monetary donations. Every dollar that is donated is turned into four meals for those in need!


                                                       From all of us here at Westpak, we wish you and your family happy holidays!